15 Best Ninja Anime To Give You An Extra Skillset

With their gripping tales of deception, conflict, and honour, Ninja Anime have long captured the attention of viewers. The best 15 ninja anime offer a varied spectrum of narratives that dig into the covert world of shinobi, from classic series to contemporary jewels. These anime examine the practise of ninjutsu while highlighting the abilities, strategies, and conflicts of ninja characters. These anime take viewers on thrilling journeys full of action and adventure and frequently dive into deeper themes such as loyalty, sacrifice, and the difficulties of power.

They do this with epic battles, rich narratives, and intriguing character development. These ninja anime demonstrate the continuing allure and mystique of the ninja ideal, whether they are set in antiquity or the present.

15. Nabari no Ou!

Ninja Anime Series Nabari No Ou

Episodes – 26
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Supernatural, Ninja

We are taken on a voyage into the realm of ninjas by “Nabari no Ou,” where deadly rivalries and hidden powers exist. Miharu Rokujou, a middle school student who appears to be average but actually possesses the strength of the sought-after and antiquated Shinra Banshou, is the protagonist of the novel. Miharu battles his desire for a tranquil life while being drawn into a perilous confrontation while caught between rival ninja factions seeking control of this power.

“Nabari no Ou” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they uncover the mysteries of Miharu’s power and the repercussions it has for the ninja world thanks to its distinctive blend of action, intrigue, and supernatural elements.

14. Black Fox

Ninja Anime Series Black Fox

Episodes – 1 (Movie)
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Sci-Fi, Ninja

“Black Fox” tells a thrilling story of self-discovery and retribution. A teenage ninja in training named Rikka Isurugi witnesses the horrific murder of her family by an unidentified group. Rikka assumes the identity of Black Fox and sets out on a quest to exact revenge for her loved ones because she has a strong yearning for justice. Rikka learns the true meaning of strength and the significance of developing her own identity as she sharpens her talents and confronts her history.

“Black Fox” captivates audiences with its fascinating narrative and exploration of themes like atonement, resilience, and the power of personal growth through breath-taking animation and dramatic action sequences.

13. Puppet Princess

Ninja Anime Series Puppet Princess

Episodes – 1 (Movie)
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Fantasy, Ninja

In “Puppet Princess,” fantasy, steampunk, and samurai action are combined in a distinctive way. The plot centres on Princess Rangiku, who carries on her father’s puppeteering legacy in a world where humans and artificial puppets coexist. Rangiku takes it upon herself to defend her people when a sinister power threatens her realm. She sets out on a fantastic adventure packed with political intrigue, heroic fights, and personal development, thanks to her talent for controlling the strong puppets.

The film “Puppet Princess” features breathtaking cinematography, exciting action scenes, and a gripping narrative that investigates themes of devotion, sacrifice, and the true nature of leadership.

12. Flame of Reccac

Ninja Anime Series Flame Of Reccac

Episodes – 2
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Fantasy, Ninja

The captivating story of “Flame of Reccac” is one of epic proportions. A young man named Kai finds himself caught up in a fight that spans generations in a world where the Kingdom of Reccac and the Empire of Martialgia are at war with one another. Kai, who has the capacity to manipulate a magical force known as “Flame,” plays a crucial role in the conflict and must negotiate personal conflict, political scheming, and his own fate.

Intense action, political intrigue, and captivating character arcs come together in “Flame of Reccac” to create an immersive experience that captivates viewers. This anime offers a remarkable and thought-provoking trip with its deep themes of conflict, identity, and atonement and sophisticated world-building.

11. Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl

Ninja Anime Series Jubei Chan The Ninja Girl

Episodes – 13
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Ninja

In “Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl,” humour, action, and historical fantasy all come together in a fascinating way. Jiyu Nanohana, an average middle school student, learns that she is the reincarnation of the great samurai warrior Yagyu Jubei as the novel progresses. Jiyu transforms into a formidable swordswoman when wearing the Lovely Eyepatch, and she must defend the world from those who would take advantage of her special talents.

“Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl” provides a fun and cheerful adventure that keeps viewers interested thanks to its endearing characters, quick-drawn sword battles, and a dash of whimsy.

10. Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Ninja Anime Series Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Historical, Romance, Ninja

In “Ambition of Oda Nobuna,” we travel back in time to feudal Japan’s Sengoku era. Sagara Yoshiharu, a high school girl who gets time-travelled to a place where historical characters are remade as young ladies, is the protagonist of the series. In this parallel universe, Oda Nobuna, a fiery and ambitious daimyo determined to rule Japan, hires Yoshiharu as one of his retainers.

Yoshiharu must balance political scheming, military planning, and his developing affections for Nobuna as he aids her in her quest. The historical drama “Ambition of Oda Nobuna” presents an interesting and occasionally humorous perspective on the Warring States era through a special fusion of history, romance, and comedy.

9. Sword of the Stranger

Ninja Anime Series Sword Of The Strange

Episodes – 1 (Movie)
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Historical, Samurai, Ninja

The intense samurai movie “Sword of the Stranger” takes place in feudal Japan. The narrative centres on an unnamed ronin who becomes involved with Kotaro, a young kid, and Tobimaru, the boy’s dog. The ronin’s swordplay is put to the ultimate test as they are followed by imperial forces and a squad of Chinese assassins. “Sword of the Stranger” is an exhilarating and deeply moving experience, with stunning animation, thrilling sword battles, and a compelling story.

Honour, atonement, and the ties that develop between unusual allies are some of the issues that the movie addresses. Fans of samurai action will be enthralled by the riveting storyline, mesmerising swordplay, and compelling cast of characters.

8. Harukanaru Toki no Naka

Ninja Anime Series Harukanaru Toki No Naka

Episodes – 26
Seasons – 1
Genre – Fantasy, Romance, Ninja

Intriguingly combining romance, fantasy, and time travel, “Harukanaru Toki no Naka” is a must-see film. The show centres on a group of contemporary high school ladies who go to ancient Japan during the Heian period. They learn there that they are the Priestesses of the Four Gods and that they must negotiate political scheming, defend the country, and locate their predestined love interests.

“Harukanaru Toki no Naka” presents an enthralling narrative of adventure and romance using a combination of historical details and magical abilities. The series explores themes like sacrifice, destiny, and the strength of love over time. The fascinating environment and captivating characters in this anime will enthral fans of magical adventures and love stories.

7. Laughing Under the Clouds

Ninja Anime Series Laughing Under The Clouds

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre –  Action, Historical, Supernatural, Ninja

In “Laughing Under the Clouds,” a gripping tale set in Japan during the Meiji period is told. Tenka, Soramaru, and Chutaro, the three Kumoh brothers who are in charge of upholding law and order in their country, are the major characters. Their lives, however, take a drastic turn when they come upon the Fuma ninja clan and learn the truth about a terrible family secret.

“Laughing Under the Clouds” presents a distinctive fusion of historical drama and fantasy with its evocative location, engaging characters, and combination of action, intrigue, and supernatural aspects. The anime addresses themes of brotherhood, redemption, and the difficulties of duty as the brothers battle their own inner demons and external challenges.

6. Sengoku Basara Series

Ninja Anime Series Sengoku Basara

Episodes – 26
Seasons – 2
Genre – Action, Historical, Ninja

The “Sengoku Basara” series takes viewers on an exhilarating adventure through Japan’s turbulent Sengoku era. It presents a fictionalised description of legendary conflicts between historical individuals. “Sengoku Basara” is a thrilling experience with its larger-than-life characters, intense action scenes, and over-the-top presentation. The anime depicts ferocious samurai warriors engaged in battle for dominance, each with their own combat techniques and goals.

Intense sword battles, slick fighting manoeuvres, and throbbing music that perfectly accompanies the high-octane action make “Sengoku Basara” a visual feast. Fans of historical settings and action-packed narratives will be drawn into the captivating universe of “Sengoku Basara.”

5. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Ninja Anime Series Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Episodes – 293
Seasons – 6
Genre – Action, Adventure, Superpower, Ninja

The venerable Naruto brand is continued with a new angle in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” The series, which is set in the future, follows Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s son, as he makes his way through the ninja world and tries to forge his own path. “Boruto” examines the difficulties encountered by a new generation of shinobi with a blend of action, humour, and moving storytelling. Boruto and his companions learn important lessons about friendship, perseverance, and the significance of understanding their parents’ challenges as they battle powerful foes and solve complex riddles.

“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” preserves the essence of its predecessor while laying the groundwork for an exciting and developing story with a blend of nostalgia and new adventures.

4. Basilisk

Ninja Anime Series Basilisk

Episodes – 24
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Historical, Supernatural, Ninja

A mesmerising story with a grim backdrop is “Basilisk,” which takes place in feudal Japan. It centres on the Iga and the Kouga, two opposing ninja clans that have been engaged in a deadly struggle for many generations. When the clans are compelled to take part in a battle to decide who will succeed the current shogun, the narrative takes a fatal turn and becomes a brutal struggle for existence.

Intense conflicts, complex story twists, and political intrigue all feature prominently in Basilisk’s”  compelling narrative. The anime captivates viewers with its gripping storytelling and tragic outcomes because of its gritty environment, intriguing characters, and themes of love, retaliation, and the futility of war.

3. Ninja Scroll: The Series

Ninja Anime Series Ninja Scroll The Series

Episodes – 13
Seasons – 1
Genre –  Action, Adventure, Historical, Supernatural, Ninja

In the episodic structure of “Ninja Scroll: The Series,” the action-packed universe of the first Ninja Scroll movie is brought to life. The anime, which is set in feudal Japan, features Jubei Kibagami, a talented swordsman with a tragic past. Jubei is tasked with defending the defenceless from numerous supernatural dangers and finds himself caught up in a labyrinth of political intrigue, dark magic, and lethal conflicts with formidable foes.

“Ninja Scroll: The Series” offers an exciting and evocative experience thanks to its gritty animation style, dramatic action scenes, and mature topics.

2. Katanagatari

Ninja Anime Series Katanagatari

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Adventure, Historical, Ninja

Viewers are taken on a fascinating and visually spectacular journey by “Katanagatari.” Yasuri Shichika, a swordsman without a blade, and Togame, a strategist, are followed in the series as they set out on a mission to recover twelve legendary swords. Each weapon is incredibly powerful and is defended by strong foes.

Shichika and Togame confront their own pasts as they uncover the mysteries of the swords as they go up against these foes. “Katanagatari” enthrals with its dynamic art direction, incisive dialogue, and character-driven narrative.

1. Naruto

Ninja Anime Series Naruto

Episodes – 720
Seasons – 21
Genre – Action, Adventure, Superpower, Ninja

The popular and enduring television series “Naruto” has won the hearts of millions of people all around the world. Naruto Uzumaki, a youthful and lively ninja who aspires to become the Hokage, the most powerful ninja in his village, is the protagonist of this tale, which is set in the world of ninjas and shinobi. As he trains, Naruto overcomes many obstacles, engages in combat with formidable foes, and develops strong relationships with his friends and instructors.

The anime series “Naruto” is renowned for its exciting action scenes, deep character development, and engrossing story that explores themes of friendship, tenacity, and the pursuit of one’s aspirations. “Naruto” has made an enduring impression on the anime industry and continues to excite fans of all ages with its wide array of characters, dramatic fights, and passionate storytelling.


Finally, the top 15 best ninja anime provide an engaging and varied selection of tales that have captivated viewers all around the world. These anime, which range from the well-known “Naruto” series to lesser-known treasures like “Puppet Princess” and “Black Fox,” vividly depict the exciting world of ninjas through their exciting action scenes, complex plots, and deep character development. These anime explore the practise of ninjutsu and the hardships of people who wield its power, whether they take place in historical contexts, parallel universes, or futuristic landscapes.

The top 15 best ninja anime leave a lasting impression and continue to inspire fans with their captivating and absorbing narratives, which feature themes of devotion, honour, redemption, and the pursuit of one’s destiny.

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