10 Best Samurai Anime To Elevate Your Swordplay

With its combination of exhilarating action, historic customs, and profound storytelling, Samurai Anime has long held audiences’ attention. In this succinct introduction, we will examine the top ten samurai anime that have permanently shaped the genre. These anime episodes transport us to feudal Japan, where noble warriors wield their swords with skill and honour, from timelessly classics to contemporary masterpieces.

These anime each provide a distinct and engaging experience with gorgeously illustrated combat scenes, intricate characters, and engrossing stories. Get ready to go into the bright and evocative world of samurai anime, where stories of valour, devotion, and self-discovery are waiting. These top 10 best samurai anime will keep you intrigued and craving more, whether you are a seasoned fan or new to the genre.

10. Blade of the Immortal

Samurai Anime Series Blade Of The Immortal

Episodes – 24
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Adventure, Drama, Supernatural, Samurai

Tenth on our list is Blade of the Immortal, a gritty and action-packed samurai anime that follows the adventures of Manji, a cursed warrior looking for atonement for his previous wrongdoings. After being given immortality, Manji accepts a position as a hired assassin and makes a commitment to kill 1,000 wicked people to reclaim his mortality. The samurai world is depicted in Blade of the Immortal in a bloody and brutal manner, with suspenseful battle scenes, complicated personalities, and moral conundrums.

Revenge, repentance, and the effects of one’s actions are among the topics explored in the series. Blade of the Immortal offers a thrilling and graphically spectacular samurai experience that pushes the boundaries of the genre with its stylized animation, violent action, and compelling plot.

9. House of Five Leaves

Samurai Anime Series House Of Five Leaves

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Drama, Samurai

Taking the ninth slot on our list, House of Five Leaves is an engrossing samurai anime that stands out for its distinctive, character-driven plot and unique visual aesthetic. Akitsu Masanosuke, a talented swordsman with poor self-esteem, gets himself involved with the enigmatic and mysterious group known as the House of Five Leaves in the series, which tells his narrative.

House of Five Leaves, which is set in the Edo era, examines themes of identity, morality, and personal development. This anime gives a new perspective on the samurai genre with its slow-burn storytelling, subtle character development, and emphasis on the nuances of human nature.

8. Shigurui: Death Frenzy

Samurai Anime Series Shigurui Death Frenzy

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Drama, Samurai, Gore, Seinen, Martial Arts

Death Frenzy, which ranks eighth on our list, is a visceral and ominous samurai anime that goes deeply into the darker side of the genre. The series, which is set in the Edo era, centres on the competition between Gennosuke Fujiki and Seigen Irako, two great swordsmen who are vying to lead their martial arts school. Shigurui, which features violent brutality and compelling psychological drama, examines the harsh and ruthless nature of samurai battle.

Shigurui provides a raw and unapologetic picture of samurai society with its eerie graphics, rigorous attention to detail, and concentration on the terrible reality of feudal Japan.

7. Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls

Samurai Anime Series Basilisk The Kouga Ninja Scrolls

Episodes – 48
Seasons – 2
Genre – Action, Drama, Romance, Historical, Martial Arts, Samurai

The Kouga Ninja Scrolls, which holds the seventh slot on our list, is a riveting samurai anime that combines the skill of ninjas with the brutality of samurai fights. The Kouga and the Iga ninja clans, two rivals, are pushed into a deadly duel by the Tokugawa shogunate in this feudal Japanese tale. Basilisk features challenging action scenes, nuanced character interactions, and pervasive suspense due to its tragic and terrible plot.

The anime explores topics like love, loyalty, and the terrible power of vengeance, leaving viewers with deep impressions. Basilisk is a riveting and dramatic story of opposing clans engaged in a deadly quest for power through its innovative fusion of ninja tactics and samurai combat.

6. Samurai 7

Samurai Anime Series Samurai 7

Episodes – 26
Seasons – 1
Genre – Historical, Mecha, Samurai

Taking the sixth slot, Samurai 7 is a futuristic remake of the legendary Akira Kurosawa film “Seven Samurai.” The series, which takes place in a world where modern technology coexists alongside samurai, centres on a troop of masterless samurai who are hired to guard a community against robbers. Samurai 7 expertly combines classic samurai style with breathtaking sights and massive fights. The conflict between tradition and development, as well as themes of honour and sacrifice, are explored throughout the anime.

Samurai 7 delivers a unique and engaging perspective on the samurai genre with its rich world-building, deep characters, and thought-provoking storytelling. Fans of the first movie will enjoy the tribute to Kurosawa’s masterpiece, while newbies will be intrigued by the film’s gripping and engaging story.

5. Gintama

Samurai Anime Series Gintama

Episodes – 406
Seasons – 7
Genre – Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Gag Humor, Historical, Parody, Samurai

Gintama, which combines samurai action, comedy, and sci-fi themes in a distinctive way, comes in at number five on our list. The series, which is set in an alternate timeline in which aliens have infiltrated feudal Japan, follows Gintoki Sakata and his unusual gang of pals as they make their way through a dangerous and absurdly absurd world. Gintoki is a lazy and eccentric samurai-for-hire. Gintama is a very unique anime experience because it skillfully combines thrilling sword combat with amusing comedy.

Gintama has a devoted fan base all around the world because of its funny dialogue, endearing characters, and deft genre parodies. It stands out among other entries in the samurai anime genre because of the way it deftly transitions between comical anecdotes and serious scenes.

4. Sword of the Stranger

Samurai Anime Series Sword Of The Stranger

Episodes – 1 (Movie)
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Adventure, Historical, Samurai

Sword of the Stranger, which comes in at number four, is a superbly made samurai movie with beautiful sword fights and an engaging plot. The plot, which is set in the Sengoku era of Japan, centres on an unnamed swordsman who becomes involved in a perilous quest to defend a small child being sought after by merciless forces. Beautifully rendered action sequences, painstaking attention to detail, and an intense sense of atmosphere are all strengths of Sword of the Stranger.

This movie is a tribute to the beauty and passion of samurai narrative with its breathtaking visuals, well-developed characters, and compelling story of honour and redemption. With its skillfully choreographed action scenes and moving examination of loyalty and sacrifice, Sword of the Stranger captivates audiences.

3. Afro-Samurai

Samurai Anime Series Afro Samurai

Episodes – 5
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Adventure, Samurai, Gore

Afro Samurai, which ranks third on our list, is a visually gorgeous and realistic anime that transports viewers to a bleak and bloody world. The plot follows Afro, a stoic and accomplished swordsman, as he seeks retribution from Justice, the person responsible for his father’s murder. Afro Samurai, which is set in a dystopian version of feudal Japan, combines historic samurai themes with a contemporary hip-hop style to provide a distinctive and alluring environment.

Intense action scenes, stunning animation, and stirring music by RZA all contribute to the series’ allure. Afro Samurai offers a gripping and realistic samurai experience with its rich characters, intricate plot, and breathtaking visuals.

2. Rurouni Kenshin

Samurai Anime Series Rurouni Kenshin

Episodes – 95
Seasons – 3
Genre – Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Historical, Samurai

Rurouni Kenshin, sometimes referred to as Samurai X, is a traditional samurai anime that came in at number two and has won the hearts of fans for decades. The protagonist of the tale is Himura Kenshin, once known as the “Battosai,” a legendary assassin who seeks atonement by defending the defenceless with a sword with a reversed edge. Rurouni Kenshin, which takes place in the Meiji period, combines thrilling sword battles with engaging character arcs and a rich historical setting.

It examines issues like atonement, fidelity, and the fight for peace in a world that is changing. Rurouni Kenshin is still a perennial favourite among anime fans thanks to its endearing characters, expertly choreographed action sequences, and ideal harmony of drama and humour.

1. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Anime Series Samurai Champloo

Episodes – 26
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Samurai

Our list’s top slot goes to Samurai Champloo for its innovative fusion of historical fiction, hip-hop, and samurai action. The series, which is set in an alternative version of Edo-period Japan, chronicles the adventures of Mugen, a rash swordsman, and Jin, a stern ronin, as they band up with a young girl named Fuu in search of an enigmatic warrior.

Samurai Champloo offers a wonderful viewing experience because of its exciting action scenes, chic animation, and amazing soundtrack created by Nujabes and other gifted musicians. The series offers a novel and inventive perspective on the genre by fusing traditional samurai themes with an urban and contemporary flair.


In conclusion, the top ten samurai anime listed above stand as the genre’s peak, enchanting viewers with their riveting stories of bravery, exploration, and self-discovery. Each anime on this list captures the beauty, intensity, and complexity of the samurai culture, from the enduring classics like Samurai Champloo and Rurouni Kenshin to the more avant-garde works like Gintama.

These cartoons transport us into a world of deftly choreographed sword battles, well-realised characters, and provocative stories that investigate concepts like loyalty, sacrifice, and the struggle between tradition and progress.

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