10 Best Volleyball Anime To Get To In The Game

Audiences have been enthralled by Volleyball Anime because of its combination of sporting action, fierce competition, and gripping storytelling. By illustrating the characters’ commitment, cooperation, and personal development, these anime episodes recreate the thrill and excitement of the volleyball court. The top 10 volleyball anime offer a variety of experiences for fans, from timeless classics to cutting-edge masterpieces. Whether it’s high school teams vying for glory, beach volleyball duos vying for greatness, or the struggles and triumphs of professional players, each series examines a different element of the sport.

These volleyball anime inspire viewers with their messages of perseverance, friendship, and the quest for perfection on and off the court, in addition to entertaining them with their exquisite animation, thrilling matches, and emotional plots.

10. Shoujo Fight: Nora Inu-tachi no Odekake

Volleyball Anime Series Shoujo Fight

Episodes – 1
Seasons – 1
Genre – Comedy, Sports, School, Team Sports, Seinen

In the brief volleyball anime Shoujo Fight: Nora Inu-tachi no Odekake, Neri Ooishi, a high school student with a strong enthusiasm for volleyball, tells her story. Neri is determined to show off her volleyball abilities in a new school and with a new squad after having success as the captain of her elementary school volleyball team. Despite being brief, the anime captures Neri’s spirit and drive to succeed on the volleyball court.

Shoujo Fight: Nora Inu-tachi no Odekake, despite its short running time, succeeds in capturing the spirit of volleyball and the motivation of its lead character.

9. Attack on Tomorrow!

Volleyball Anime Series Attack On Tomorrow

Episodes – 23
Seasons – 1
Genre – Drama, Sports, School, Team Sports

Attack on Tomorrow! examines what happens after a catastrophe rocks a volleyball team to its very core. With little time left in school, Mimi Hijiiri decides to revive the team’s morale in spite of the difficulties and mental distress. The sadness, dreams, and therapeutic value of volleyball are all explored in this anime.

Attack on Tomorrow! explores the perseverance and power of the human spirit via the journey of the protagonists, showing how volleyball can serve as a springboard for development and overcoming adversity. It is a gripping narrative that combines a love of the sport with more profound emotional components.

8. New Attacker: You!

Volleyball Anime Series New Attacker You

Episodes – 52
Seasons – 1
Genre – Romance, Sports, Team Sports

The events of New Attacker You!, a follow-up to the anime series Attacker You!, take place during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. This anime tells the tale of the Dragon Ladies team as they work to mend their relationship after suffering a terrible tragedy. The Dragon Ladies want to recapture their former glories with the acquisition of a Kung-Fu champion and the return of the talented player You.

The volleyball movie New Attacker You! demonstrates the tenacity and cooperation needed to overcome obstacles and succeed. It blends sporting activity with character growth and provides a compelling plot that keeps viewers interested in the team’s progress.

7. Attacker You!

Volleyball Anime Series Attacker You

Episodes – 58
Seasons – 1
Genre – Romance, Sports, Team Sports

Hazuki, the vivacious lead character of Attacker You!, has a keen eye for heights and aspires to play volleyball for Japan’s national women’s team. She has challenges as she joins the volleyball team at Hikawa Junior High School, including disagreements with the new captain and a strict coach. However, your unyielding tenacity and resiliency motivate her to get past these obstacles.

Attacker You! perfectly encapsulates volleyball fanaticism, camaraderie, and love of the game. It emphasises the value of never giving up on one’s ambitions and shows how its main character develops as she works to meet her objectives.

6. Anime Document: Munchen e no Michi

Volleyball Anime Series Anime Document Munchen E No Michi

Episodes – 16
Seasons – 1
Genre – Sports, Team Sports

Animation and documentary-style storytelling are combined in the volleyball anime Munchen e no Michi, which adopts a distinctive stance. The anime follows a fictitious volleyball team as they attempt to qualify for the Munich Olympics. It incorporates elements from actual life and historical allusions to offer a fascinating peek into the world of volleyball.

In addition to showcasing exciting sporting action, the anime Munchen e no Michi also explores the characters’ maturation and inner conflicts. It combines pleasure and educational value, letting spectators feel the fervour and intensity of volleyball while learning more about its significance.

5. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku OVA

Volleyball Anime Series Wotakoi Loce Is Hard For Otaku OVA

Episodes – 11 (+3 OVAs)
Seasons – 1
Genre – Romance, Adult Cast, Otaku Culture, Workplace

The Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku OVA has a storyline that involves the main protagonists competing in a business volleyball tournament, despite not being exclusively about volleyball. The anime focuses on the relationships and lives of office workers who are devoted to their otaku interests. The characters in the OVA episode establish a team and show off their passion for volleyball, showcasing the teamwork and enjoyment that can be found in sports.

Wotakoi’s main theme may not be volleyball, but the anime OVA portrays the sport in a fun and humorous way within the framework of an otaku-focused plot.

4. 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team

Volleyball Anime Series 2.43 Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Drama, Sports, School, Team Sports

The Seiin High School boys’ volleyball squad is the subject of the captivating volleyball anime “2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team”. The narrative centres on the lead character, Kimichika Haijima, who teams up with his old friend Yuni Kuroba to form a winning squad. As the players negotiate the difficulties of competitive volleyball, this anime addresses themes of friendship, teamwork, and atonement.

2.43: The Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team provides an engrossing and realistic depiction of the commitment and challenges experienced by athletes on their path to success through intense matches, character-driven storytelling, and a focus on the emotional and psychological components of the sport.

3. Harukana Receive

Volleyball Anime Series Harukana Receive

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Sports, Team Sports

An animated volleyball series called Harukana Receive centres on the dynamic duo of Haruka Oozora and Kanata Higa. The narrative chronicles their development as beach volleyball partners as they work to forge a strong team. Harukana Receive emphasises the value of teamwork and trust amongst teammates while showcasing the thrills and trials of beach volleyball against the backdrop of hot beaches and furious contests.

Harukana Receive, which combines sports action and slice-of-life elements with beautiful animation and likeable characters, embodies the essence of beach volleyball and offers beach volleyball lovers a positive and entertaining viewing experience.

2. Attack No. 1

Volleyball Anime Series Attack No. 1

Episodes – 104
Seasons – 1
Genre – Drama, Sports, Shoujo, Team Sports

Attack No. 1 is a well-known and significant volleyball anime that had a significant and long-lasting influence on the genre. Kozue Ayuhara, a gifted volleyball player who aspires to be the best, travels as she tells her story. Kozue’s tenacity and passion for the game propel her to push her boundaries and motivate her teammates despite the many obstacles and rivalries she must overcome.

Attack No. 1 highlights themes of passion, teamwork, and personal development via fierce volleyball matches and moving storytelling. Fans of volleyball and sports anime must watch it because it captures the competitive spirit of the game while also diving into the human drama surrounding the characters.

1. Haikyuu!!

Volleyball Anime Series Haikyuu

Episodes – 85
Seasons – 4
Genre – Sports, School, Team Sports, Shounen

Fans all over the world consider Haikyuu!! to be a modern masterpiece and their favourite volleyball anime. The story of Shoyo Hinata, a driven and enthusiastic high school student with aspirations of becoming a volleyball champion, is the focus of the series. Hinata and his teammates from Karasuno High School are working hard to dominate the world of high school volleyball via teamwork, steadfast dedication, and hard effort. Haikyuu!! shines in its captivating character development, gripping plot, and thrilling sports action.

With amazing animation, it conveys the spirit of friendship, rivalries, and the never-say-die attitude that characterises volleyball matches while capturing the joy and passion of the sport. Haikyuu!! has received accolades for its capacity to stir up feelings in viewers and motivate them, making it a must-see for any volleyball fan.


The top 10 best volleyball anime series represent a varied and fascinating selection of shows that have won over fans all around the world. These anime, which range from the timeless allure of Attack No. 1 to the cutting-edge brilliance of Haikyuu!, demonstrate the potency of sports storytelling and the lasting popularity of volleyball as a theme. These anime offer a variety of experiences that resonate with viewers, whether it be the heated matches, the character development, or the examination of collaboration and camaraderie.

These shows have made a lasting impression by combining beautiful animation with moving stories and exhilarating athletic action, engaging both fans of volleyball and anime. Fans of volleyball and anime should watch the top 10 volleyball anime because they show how this genre can enthral, motivate, and make a lasting impression on viewers.

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