10 Best Yuri Anime That Totally Changes Your View Of GL

The popularity of Yuri Anime, commonly referred to as “girls’ love” or “GL” anime, has grown significantly in recent years. The romantic connections between female characters are the focus of these delightful and pleasant television shows, which captivate viewers with their fascinating storytelling and variety of narratives. Yuri anime covers a variety of genres and subjects, appealing to a large audience. These include gentle love stories and exhilarating adventures.

These top 10 Best yuri anime, which depict the beauty and depth of female love in animated form, have won the hearts of fans all around the world. Get ready to enter a world filled with enthralling romance and meaningful connections.

10. Maria-sama ga Miteru

Yuri Anime Series Maria Sama Ga Miteru

Episodes – 73
Seasons – 8
Genre –  Drama, Yuri

“Maria-sama ga Miteru” examines the complex relationships and exchanges among the pupils at the famous Lillian Girls’ Academy. The protagonist of the show is first-year student Yumi Fukuzawa, whom Sachiko Ogasawara, a beloved and attractive second-year student, chooses to be her petite soeur (little sister). Yumi is thrust into the intricate world of the Yamayurikai, a group akin to a student council with its own customs and hierarchies, by virtue of her position as Sachiko’s petite surname.

Yumi and Sachiko navigate the intricacies of sisterhood, friendship, and the expectations placed on them by the school and their families as their relationship goes through ups and downs. The sophisticated and thought-provoking yuri anime “Maria-sama ga Miteru” explores issues of loyalty, identity, and the difficulties of relationships in a rigid and conventional setting.

9. Kase-san and Morning Glories

Yuri Anime Series Kase San And Morning Glories

Episodes – 1
Seasons – 1
Genre – Yuri, Romance, School, Shoujo

The charming short film “Kase-san and Morning Glories” depicts the developing love story between the quiet, introverted Yui Yamada and the outgoing, athletic Tomoka Kase. Kase, the star of the track and field team, is encountered by Yui, an enthusiastic gardener, when she is caring for the school’s garden. A loving and sincere bond forms between them as they spend time together.

The anime skillfully conveys the innocence and beauty of first love while also showing Yui’s development and self-discovery as she faces the difficulties of being in a same-sex relationship. “Kase-san and Morning Glories” is a lovely yuri anime that celebrates the joy and complications of young love with its endearing animation, likeable characters, and moving tale.

8. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Yuri Anime Series Revolutionary Girl Utena

Episodes – 39
Seasons – 1
Genre –  Award Winning, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Mahou Shoujo, Psychological, Yuri

Utena Tenjou is dragged into a world of intrigue, duels, and unusual relationships at the prestigious Ohtori Academy. Strong-willed and brave Utena learns about the “Rose Bride,” Anthy Himemiya, and makes the decision to defend her from the battles for her freedom. The relationship between Utena and Anthy is explored in the series, as are the complex connections they make with other duelists who each stand for a unique part of identity and desire.

The surreal and symbolic anime “Revolutionary Girl Utena” explores themes of love, power, and the struggle against social standards.

7. Whispered Words

Yuri Anime Series Whispered Words

Episodes – 13
Seasons – 1
Genre –  Comedy, Girls Love, Romance, School, Seinen, Yuri

High school student Sumika Murasame has a secret: she is in love with Ushio Kazama, her best friend. Ushio, however, has a crush on cute girls and is utterly unaware of Sumika’s thoughts. Sumika navigates the difficulties of unrequited love and self-acceptance while faced with the choice of admitting her love or preserving their strong friendship.

A touching yuri anime called “Whispered Words” explores issues like friendship, identity, and the difficulty of dealing with one’s own feelings. It focuses on Sumika’s challenges as she strives to make peace with her emotions and muster the strength to communicate them.

6. Aoi Hana

Yuri Anime Series Aoi Hana

Episodes – 11
Seasons – 1
Genre –  Drama, Girls Love, Romance, School, Yuri

This animation, titled “Sweet Blue Flowers,” depicts the tender and touching love story between Fumi Manjoume and Akira Okudaira. Friends from childhood who reconnected in high school, Fumi and Akira assist one another as they deal with the pressures of adolescence, such as complex love triangles, confusing family dynamics, and social expectations.

Fumi, who has suffered heartbreak, finds comfort in the kind and considerate Akira. As they get to know one another better, their relationship develops into something deeper as they learn more about themselves and how to accept their love for one another.

5. Strawberry Panic!

Yuri Anime Series Strawberry Panic

Episodes – 26
Seasons – 1
Genre – Drama, Girls Love, Romance, School, Yuri

The series centres around the lives and relationships of three main characters: Aoi Nagisa, a transfer student; Shizuma Hanazono, the stunning and enigmatic Etoile of the school; and Tamao Suzumi, Nagisa’s childhood friend. It is set at Astraea Hill, an all-girls’ school divided into three prestigious academies.

Nagisa finds herself embroiled in a web of friendships, rivalries, and developing romances as she negotiates the difficulties of her new environment. Nagisa must face her own desires and make difficult decisions as a result of being torn between her allegiance to Tamao and her growing love for Shizuma.

4. Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuri Anime Series Yuri On Ice

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Award Winning, Sports, Performing Arts, Yuri

The narrative of Japanese figure skater Yuuri Katsuki is told in “Yuri!!! on Ice” as she experiences a string of failures and a loss of confidence following a loss in the Grand Prix Finals. Viktor Nikiforov, a Russian champion and his idol, shows interest in him and takes over as his coach. A strong emotional bond develops between them as Yuuri works to regain his competitive edge. The progression of their relationship is eloquently captured in the series, which is full of touching scenes and stunning skating feats.

Although “Yuri!!! on Ice” is largely a sports anime, it also has yuri undertones that explore Yuuri and Viktor’s developing friendship and support system. The commitment, passion, and love that propel these people to achieve new heights in both their professional and personal lives are well captured.

3. Sakura Trick

Yuri Anime Series Sakura Trick

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Comedy, Girls Love, Romance, School, Seinen, Yuri

Since middle school, Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda have been close friends. They are in different classrooms when they start high school, and they worry that they might start to drift apart. They share a kiss in secret as they strive to remain close. This action causes them to experience a wave of feelings and desires, which prompts them to decide to continue developing their connection.

Haruka and Yuu overcome the difficulties of adolescence throughout the series, including school life, friendships, and the complications of their recent romance. A jovial and joyful yuri anime called “Sakura Trick” honours the purity and joy of young love.

2. Citrus

Yuri Anime Series Citrus

Episodes – 12
Seasons – 1
Genre – Drama, Girls Love, Romance, School, Yuri

Fashionable and vivacious Yuzu Aihara enrols in a demanding all-girls school. She quickly runs afoul of Mei Aihara, the solemn and distant president of the student council, who also happens to be her stepsister. Despite their initial hostility, Yuzu discovers herself to be inexplicably drawn to Mei, which sparks a string of illicit and passionate encounters.

They must manage society’s norms, family disputes, and their own turbulent emotions as their relationship develops. The provocative and dramatic yuri anime “Citrus” explores the complexity of forbidden love as well as themes of self-acceptance and self-discovery.

1. Bloom Into You

Yuri Anime Series Bloom Into You

Episodes – 13
Seasons – 1
Genre –  Drama, Girls Love, Romance, School, Yuri

High school student Yuu Koito has always appreciated the concept of love but has never actually felt it. She meets the stunning and mysterious Touko Nanami when she joins the student council. Despite putting on a charming and flawless front, Touko confides in Yuu about her difficulty experiencing romantic feelings.

Yuu finds herself drawn to Touko as they spend more time together, and the two of them set out on a voyage of self-discovery and emotional understanding. Beautifully intricate and insightful, “Bloom Into You” is an anime that examines the complexity of love, self-acceptance, and the precarious nature of relationships.


In conclusion, the top 10 best yuri anime series mentioned above offer a varied range of stories that highlight love and relationships between female characters. These anime tackle themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and the difficulty of navigating same-sex romance in diverse settings, including schools, sports, and personal journeys. From the emotional and introspective narrative of “Bloom Into You” to the passionate and forbidden love in “Citrus,” each series gives its own distinct take on the yuri genre.

Whether it’s the cheerful and beautiful moments in “Sakura Trick” or the strange and symbolic storytelling of “Revolutionary Girl Utena,” these anime attract viewers with their intriguing characters and compelling themes. With themes of friendship, identity, and personal growth weaved throughout, the top 10 best yuri anime series offer a genuine and often thought-provoking exploration of love and ties between women.

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