10 Best Boxing Anime To Knock You Off Your Feet

With these top 10 Best boxing anime, be ready to enter the furious world of boxing. These shows offer compelling storylines centred around sweet science, ranging from hard-hitting action to heartwarming tales of tenacity. Top on the list is the renowned anime “Hajime no Ippo” (Fighting Spirit), which chronicles the ascent of boxer Ippo Makunouchi through the ranks. With its thrilling mecha boxing battles, “Megalo Box” gives the sport a futuristic twist.

“Ashita no Joe” (Tomorrow’s Joe), on the other hand, depicts the struggles and victories of a disturbed teenage boxer. Fans are enthralled by the distinctive and exciting perspectives that each of these anime offers on the world of boxing, as well as by the intense action and engaging characters.

10. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Boxing Anime Series Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple

Episodes – 50
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, School, Shounen

A martial arts anime called Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple tells the tale of Kenichi Shirahama, a high school student who is frequently teased by his peers. He makes the decision to learn martial arts in order to protect himself, and he ends up being the student of six different martial arts masters. Kenichi encounters a variety of adversaries along the journey, including the students of the Ragnarok gang, which rules the school. In addition to its humour and character development, anime is well recognised for its dramatic and expertly choreographed action scenes.

The transformation of Kenichi from a timid and inexperienced pupil to a skilled and self-assured martial artist is motivating and relevant. The anime is a must-watch for aficionados of the martial arts genre because it explores themes of grit, perseverance, and self-improvement.

9. Kengan Ashura

Boxing Anime Series Kengan Ashura

Episodes – 24
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Martial Arts

The protagonist of the martial arts anime Kengan Ashura is Kazuo Yamashita, a shy office worker who gets sucked into the underworld of gladiator combat. The anime is set in an alternate reality where mighty multinational corporations settle commercial issues through gladiator battles rather than going to court. The battles are vicious and furious, with expert warriors from all around the world competing to show who is the strongest.

With intricate character designs and dynamic fight scenes, the animation is one-of-a-kind and breathtakingly beautiful. Each fighter has a distinct combat style and narrative, and the characters are well-developed. Fans of martial arts anime and action-packed plots must see Kengan Ashura. From beginning to end, it’s an exhilarating experience that will leave you wanting more.

8. Baki

Boxing Anime Series Baki

Episodes – 39
Seasons – 2
Genre – Combat Sports, Gore, Shounen

The story of Baki Hanma, a young and gifted martial artist who aspires to be the strongest fighter in the world, is told in Baki, a well-liked martial arts anime series. The anime is renowned for its fierce battles, distinctive characters, and complex storylines. Baki battles a variety of foes throughout the series, including strong martial artists, criminals, and occasionally supernatural beings. The anime’s captivating plot and dynamic cast have helped it amass a sizable fan base.

Baki is an engaging and motivating protagonist due to his commitment to training and constant desire to become the best fighter. Fans particularly enjoy the anime’s action-packed fight scenes, which feature outstanding demonstrations of martial arts technique and talent in each conflict. For those who enjoy martial arts and action anime, Baki is a must-watch.

7. Tiger Mask W

Boxing Anime Series Tiger Mask W

Episodes – 38
Seasons – 1
Genre – Action, Drama, Sports

“Tiger Mask W” popularises the realm of professional wrestling. The story centres on Naoto Azuma, a gifted young wrestler who dons the Tiger Mask mask in order to exact revenge on the evil Tiger’s Den wrestling organisation. “Tiger Mask W” provides an adrenaline-pumping trip full of turns and turns, packed with furious action, high-flying manoeuvres, and dramatic rivalry.

The anime examines themes of justice, redemption, and the strength of the human spirit through the struggles and triumphs of Naoto and his allies. “Tiger Mask W” captivates fans with its compelling plot and exciting wrestling matches, leaving them hooked and craving more.

6. Nozomi Witches

Boxing Anime Series Nozomi Witches

Episodes – 3
Seasons – 1
Genre – ┬áRomance, Sports

A gang of girls who have magical abilities and use them to save the world from evil forces are the subject of the magical girl anime series Nozomi Witches. The protagonist, Nozomi, is a happy and upbeat young woman who learns she has magical abilities and teams up with other young women to battle evil witches who want to end the world.

The anime has a distinct and captivating plot as well as likeable, well-developed characters. With stunning and bright images that bring the mystical world to life, the animation is likewise of the highest calibre. The series’ action-packed and violent fight sequences keep fans on the edge of their seats the entire time.

5. One Pound Gospel

Boxing Anime Series One Pound Gospel

Episodes – 1
Seasons – 1
Genre – Comedy, Romance, Sports

The combination of boxing and romantic comedy in “One Pound Gospel” is fantastic. Kosaku Hatanaka, a gifted but erratic boxer, and Sister Angela, a novice nun who serves as his manager, are the main characters of the television show. As Kosaku strives to become the best boxer in the world, he must simultaneously deal with his developing affections for Sister Angela, which creates amusing and endearing scenes.

In order to create a charming and enjoyable anime experience, “One Pound Gospel” strikes a balance between the seriousness of boxing contests and the lightheartedness of its romantic plotline. “One Pound Gospel” leaves a lasting effect on fans of both genres thanks to its sympathetic characters, humorous situations, and skillfully handled boxing sequences.

4. Ring ni Kakero

Boxing Anime Series Ring Ni Kakero

Episodes – 36
Seasons – 4
Genre – Action, Sports

The fourth and last anime on the list, “Ring ni Kakero” (Put it All in the Ring), tells a thrilling and action-packed boxing story. The protagonist of the show is Ryuji Takane, a gifted teenage boxer who wants to win the Japan championship. Ryuji fights a web of intricate rivalries, powerful opponents, and personal challenges with the support of his devoted friends and fellow fighters.

“Ring ni Kakero” portrays the emotional journey of its protagonists as they strive for greatness while showcasing fierce boxing contests with stunning animation. This anime stands out as a must-watch for aficionados of the boxing genre thanks to its compelling plot, well-rounded characters, and exciting fights.

3. Ashita no Joe

Boxing Anime Series Ashita No Joe

Episodes – 126
Seasons – 2
Genre – Sports, Drama

In the world of boxing anime, “Ashita no Joe” (Tomorrow’s Joe) is a timeless masterpiece. The 1960s-set television show centres on Joe Yabuki, a confused young man who finds meaning in the ring of combat. Joe’s path is full of triumphs, heartaches, and soul-searching moments, from his origins as a juvenile to his ascent to fame as a boxer. Intense boxing contests and moving storytelling help “Ashita no Joe” express themes of redemption, camaraderie, and pursuing ambitions.

Even decades after its initial release, “Ashita no Joe” is still regarded as a renowned and important anime because of its iconic protagonist, gripping story, and emotional depth.

2. Megalo Box

Boxing Anime Series Megalo Box

Episodes – 26
Seasons – 2
Genre – Sports, Action, Science Fiction

“Megalo Box,” the second anime on the list, combines the intensity of boxing with a futuristic twist. The show centres around Junk Dog, an underground boxer who is skilled but underappreciated in a world where boxing contests are improved by mechanical exoskeletons known as “Gear.” In an effort to prove his value, Junk Dog assumes the moniker “Joe” and competes in the prestigious Megalonia tournament against the best fighters.

“Megalo Box” is a gripping and graphically gorgeous anime experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats thanks to its gritty atmosphere, intense boxing contests, and an engaging tale that tackles themes of identity and drive.

1. Hajime no Ippo

Boxing Anime Series Hajime No Ippo

Episodes – 127
Seasons – 3
Genre – Sports, Drama, Comedy

Top of the list is the renowned boxing anime “Hajime no Ippo” (Fighting Spirit), which has enthralled viewers around the world. Ippo Makunouchi, a quiet and harassed high school student, is the protagonist of the series. He discovers his passion for boxing following a fortuitous meeting with professional boxer Mamoru Takamura. Ippo encounters many obstacles, puts in a lot of training, and faces tough opponents as he starts his boxing career.

“Hajime no Ippo” explores themes of friendship, self-discovery, and the pursuit of greatness while showcasing the grit, determination, and unyielding spirit of its characters. “Hajime no Ippo” is regarded as the best boxing anime ever made thanks to its exceptional character development, gripping and beautifully animated fight scenes, and emotionally moving plot.


The top 10 best boxing anime series offer an exciting and varied selection of tales set in the world of sweet science. Each anime, from the venerable “Hajime no Ippo” to the futuristic “Megalo Box,” adds a special touch to the genre. These shows demonstrate the tenacity, resolve, and unwavering quest for excellence that characterise the boxing sport.

These top 10 boxing anime capture viewers with their engaging tales and dynamic action, whether it is through the hard training montages, heart-pounding contests, or the emotional development of the characters. These programmes are likely to provide heart-pounding enjoyment if you’re a fan of boxing or simply enjoy thrilling sports anime.

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